Clean Smartly – Handy Pet Vacuum Cleaner Hacks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

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Pet Vacuum Cleaner

You’ve been called to organize the annual ‘Gender Infinity’ conference. It’s the chance you’ve been waiting for. You start looking for suitable venues, and the only one available is a dusty, dumpy and fur-filled hall that you think you can turn into a magnificent ballroom.

As you start cleaning, you notice that the fur is not coming off despite the number of brushes you’ve bought to sweep it off. Now you’re frustrated and thinking of quitting. However, after reading through some reviews, you discover the world of pet vacuum cleaners and now want to get one but aren’t sure which brand will leave that hall sparkling clean.

Well, here’s a comprehensive guide to choosing the best vacuum cleaner to help create the event of the year.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner

When cleaning out dust and pet hair, the most powerful vacuum isn’t always the best cleaner for you. Instead, it would help if you chose a hoover that’s uniquely designed to handle the challenges that come with picking up all the dog hair and debris stuck in the carpets and crevices.

The best pet hair vacuum cleaner should not only offer you deep-cleaning capabilities, but it must also feature:

  • A robust suction tube that picks up all the pet hair without clogging
  • An excellent filter that gets rid of the pet hair with minimal effort and also helps in managing airborne dander and other allergens

Here’s a brief outlook of these vital features:

Powerful Suction

A perfect per hair vacuum system should feature a robust motor. It should have strong suction that can seamlessly pull the hair from any surface without leaving any starches or visible patches of the hair and dust.

Some few models also have the self-adjusting cleaner heads that automatically match the suction power to surfaces like carpets, wood, tile, among others. The vacuum cleaner should also feature well-designed cleaning brushes and rollers.

Ideally, the brush and roller should work harmoniously to stop pet hair from wrapping around the vacuum head. That way, you or the cleaning crew doesn’t have to stop every five to ten minutes to yank out the pet hair from the device.


It can be difficult to clean those hard-to-reach spaces and knowing pets; the hair can be spread into the crevices and places you didn’t even expect. Therefore, having a versatile vacuum cleaner will come in handy.

You also need one that offers you manoeuvrability since you can easily carry it or move it to those house corners and underneath your furniture. One with wheels could be the ideal choice. A cordless vacuum design would also come in handy since it’ll also allow you to move around the hall unrestrictedly.

Other hoover models feature the footswitch control that takes away the need to stop and bend down to adjust the machine as you’re cleaning. A footswitch control also comes in handy if you or your cleaning agent have back issues or if you desire uninterrupted cleanup sessions.


Almost every canister pet vacuum cleaner has a filtration system installed. In fact, practically all bagged vacs are automatically fitted with filtration systems. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to get a pet vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are more efficient than others. They’re incredibly helpful to those who have allergies since they get rid of pollen, dust, and other allergens.

So, don’t fret. You can be the vacuum queen, and with the right vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to get rid of the pet hair and organize the event of the year!

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