News Roundup: 17.02.15

  • Stonewall has announced that it will begin campaigning for trans equality. The report available from their website shows an awareness of both nonbinary issues and the impacts affecting a range of intersectional identities, although no specific campaigns have been announced yet.
  • A new version of Mx Evidence has been released, showing 31 major UK companies, government departments etc accepting Mx as a title.
  • The law society of Scotland now let solicitors register without specifying gender, and allow Mx
  • Anyone based in Scotland might also be interested in the Scottish Transgender Alliance’spolicy officer vacancy, which explicity welcomes nonbinary applicants.
  • UCAS apply have updated their application form at the end of January to ask for gender rather than “legal sex” – they have agreed to add nonbinary options to the form for the 2016 applications.

Elsewhere in the world:

By Alex Hilton  with thanks to MxActivist and people on facebook for some of the links.


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