Meet The Team

The editorial team are people who identify as non-binary with a variety of backgrounds and identities, who oversee the content on Beyond the Binary. If you are interested in reading submissions and sourcing new content for us, please e-mail Ezra and Sascha at and we can send you a brief outline of the role.

Co-Editor – Sascha Amel-Kheir

Sascha is an activist campaigning on rights for the non-binary community and LGBTQI+ asylum seekers and refugees. They are the founder of Breaking the Binary, Wales’ first group supporting the local non-binary community. They are currently studying for a degree in Law and interested in LGBTQI+ rights in the Middle East & North Africa and the impact of colonialism on civil rights movements in the region. Outside of their activism, their main interests are fashion, languages and vegan cooking.

Co-Editor – Ezra Rowan Wilson

Ezra is an agender person from Scotland, actively involved in the Transgender community. They hold positions with the National Union of Students UK (as the first-ever Non-Binary Representative on the NUS Trans Campaign), Outspoken Arts Scotland, and run their own organisation: TransForm Renfrewshire. Previously a student of Law, Economics, and Policy at different institutions, they are now working in the voluntary sector, helping organisations to build capacity. Outside of this, they love reading, writing (surprise surprise!), museums, art galleries, photography, and adventuring!

Sub-Editor – Cicely Blain

Cicely Blain is a Black/mixed, queer, non-binary writer who lives between Canada, the UK and the Netherlands. They write about feminism, queerness, race and politics whether in fiction, poetry or journalism. They’re passionate about Black Lives Matter, getting famous on Instagram, dinosaurs and ending the gender binary. They are an award-winning activist and graduate of the University of British Columbia. If they’re not travelling, you can find them on the beach, drinking red wine or painting.

Sub-Editor – Jos Twist

(C) Adam Tennant

(C) Adam Tennant

Jos identifies with a range of different gender identities that often fluctuate based on context. Their experience of gender is often tied to, and difficult to separate from, aspects of their sexualities, spirituality and politics. Jos is involved in various groups and events centered around queer spiritually and is currently involved in organising Queer Spirit Festival.

Most of Jos’s writing experience has been from an academic perspective, having studied clinical psychology to a doctoral level. Their thesis explored sexualities of partners of trans people, with a paper from this research winning the 2016 postgraduate award from the Psychology of Sexualities Section of the British Psychological Society. Over the last couple of years they have also written for magazines and websites writing on a range of topics related to gender and sexuality. They are passionate about providing alternative narratives to ones that position sexuality, bodies and gender diversity as shameful and pathological.

Jos is a big lover of cheese, quite time alone, buying more books than they have time to read, cycling in the woods and is the proud owner of a large collection of hats.

Sub-Editor – Kaj Jensen

Kaj is a trans, genderqueer person currently completing a Masters of Creative Writing program at University of Brighton. As a white and able-bodied person, they try to be aware of their privilege and amplify voices of members of oppressed groups. Access to healthcare (including mental healthcare), leggings as pants for everyone who wants to wear them, access to education, and traveling are currently at the top of their List of Important Things. They have embraced the mission of collecting and sharing stories because knowing that someone else’s story has similarities to your own can make all the difference in the world.

When they’re not reading or writing, preferably with a cat in lap, they can be found eating all the delicious things, backpacking, having bike adventures, or spying on birds. Sometimes they can be convinced to read their work at open mic nights, which still makes them feel quite vulnerable and terrified every time (but in the best possible way).

Website Designer – Maki Yamazaki

interstellar selfie 05-18-2014 12 56

Class: Social Justice Rogue / Suspect Technopagan
Pronouns: They / She
Loves: coffee, cats, computers
Hates: creeps, cold, Incomplete Patterns

Although Maki Yamazaki’s diet of tech-wizardry is often a little more game-y, they leapt at the chance to help out with the Beyond The Binary website. Maki also spends a lot of her time composing, writing and recording music, and drawing comics.

For more info on other things & projects that they do, check out Maki’s website.

More biographies TBC

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