I Am Everything And Nothing All At Once


I am everything and nothing

all at once


girl and boy and both and neither

all crammed into one body


she writhes in my throat

catching my words before I speak

while he curls around my lungs

making it hard for me to breathe


she sits on my shoulders

whispering into my ear

as he crawls into the spaces

between my trembling fingers


she bangs on my chest

war cries making my ribs crack

and he claws at my eyes

until I can no longer see myself


they snarl and fight

evenly matched

neither one winning

or losing


both just



until the day I realise

that it’s okay to let her speak

when her voice is soft and gentle

and his words are a thing of beauty

when they are sweet with poetry

and love


I don’t have to choose

one or the other

for I am both

and neither

at the same time

and that’s just how it is.


Poem by Steph Kyriacou 

Steph Kyriacou is a 21 year old Creative Writing student in my final year at university. They queer and non-binary, and they love puppies and cheesy movies about adorable queer couples.



  1. Steph, This is the beautiful/painful truth – simply, powerfully, honestly expressed. Thanks so much for sharing. Be sure to keep writing and NEVER give up on YOUR dreams.

    Take good care of you/them:)


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