Gender Questioning


CN: violence, swearing.gender questioning

Image description for the comic

First panel: A young looking white person is reclining on a pink sofa. They have short red hair and freckles, and are wearing green cut-off shorts and a white t-shirt with a skull design on it. A blue humanoid-like shape looms over them – ‘Gender’. The blue shape says: “Hey, how comes you haven’t thought about me today?”

Second panel: A close up of the person’s face; they look annoyed. “Because every time I think about you, you start punching me in the face for no apparent reason…?”

Third panel: A speech bubble from above the person’s face: “Ha!” Their eyes are screwed up tight and they exclaim: “Oh shit!!!”

Fourth panel: The humanoid gender figure has punched the person in the face with a ‘whoosh’.

Artwork by Zody

Zody is non-binary, 17 and lives in Gloucestershire. In between college and everything else they sporadically write a comic called Middler about life as a non-binary teenager. 


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