Five Comics by & About People Outside The Gender Binary


1. Robot hugs

The author of robot hugs identifies as genderqueer non-binary. The comic covers a wide variety of topics, including cats, gender, feminism, mental illness, and cats (let’s not forget the important stuff here… ).

Robot Hugs "gender scoop" comic. See the robot hugs website for transcript.

Link to this specific comic (there is an accessible transcript there)

2. Chaos life

Chaos life is a semi-autobiograpical comic focusing on the queer relationship between A. Stiffler and K. Copeland, who create it. Oh and there are also cats again (seeing a theme here….? ). A. Stiffler is agender, which is talked about in some of the comics.

Comic showing a cat wearing a tie, with the caption "more cats in ties"

More cats in ties

3. Poly in pictures

Cassian, the author of poly in pictures is nonbinary. The comics cover a range of topics including polyamory, asexuality and nonbinary issues.


"Polyamorous couple discovers world's largest tree..."

4. Eth’s Skin

 Eth’s Skin by Sfé R. Monster is a long comic with an ongoing story. It’s a queer (and genderqueer) fantasy full of monsters and low tides, cool non-binary individuals, queer relationships, and a pet pygmy harbour seal named Goblin.

If you like Eth’s Skin also check out this Kyle & Atticus –  a (gender)queer comic about a kid and their pet robot by the same author.

 5. GQutie

GQutie header

 GQutie (pronounced gee-cutie!) is an autobiographical comic detailing one genderqueer artist’s thoughts, discoveries, and encounters when it comes to their gender and everything connected to it (which is a lot of things, it turns out).

And finally…

If you liked these, have a look here for a longer list of queer webcomics.

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