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Being Queer Is Cool

Throughout this piece I use gay and queer as umbrella terms for the whole LGBTQIA+ community. I know that many don’t identify under either of these, especially gay, but I…

Perhaps if I move furiously enough

TW: coercive gender assignment, violent body imagery, misgendering, cissexism, transmisogynistic slurs, transphobia, tone policing, suffocation imagery, violence “perhaps if I move furiously enough, I can deform [the Law] in my…

Sex & Body Positivity
Porn This Way

I’ll start by stating the obvious: the gender binary is present almost everywhere we look. Particularly in the media we consume – and that, for many of us, includes porn.…

Non-Binary London: Being NB

Being NB is a series of sheets that people attending the Non-Binary London meetups had a choice in filling out for fun. They have been posted on the meet’s tumblr page,…

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