All Non-binary People Discovered to Actually be Aliens


The search for extraterrestrial life is over as it has been discovered that all people claiming to be ‘non-binary’ are actually aliens masquerading as humans. A paranormal enthusiast, known only as DaveTheDude, made the discovery after months of researching ‘non-binary’ culture. Dave first became suspicious after encountering strange words such as ‘Mx’, ‘Xe’ and ‘Hir’ used in an online forum for ‘non-binary’ people. Dave concluded that these words much be alien in origin and set about uncovering the truth behind this mystery.

Small samples of Dave’s findings have been released, including ‘non-binary’ people’s lack of basic English grammar when it comes to the use of the pronouns they/them/their. While clearly a plural pronoun, the aliens had become confused and had been using it to refer to themselves. Also included in the findings are their lack of ability to blend in with regular humans, confusing basic gendered dress codes.

Mr TheDude has since forwarded his complete findings to NASA who have confirmed that ‘non-binary’ people are actually just swarms of small aliens controlling a human-like exoskeleton. While their intentions are as yet unclear it is thought that these aliens came to Earth bent on galactic conquest and sought to weaken the moral fabric of our society. Their origin is also as yet unknown and nothing has yet been released as to whether they have advanced technology.

It has been confirmed that DaveTheDude will be releasing a tell all book entitled “How I saved everyone” for release later this year.

We will Keep you updated as this story develops.

Words by Sarah Gibson
Beyond the Binary Assistant Editor

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